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Six-Toed Tomcats

St. Petersburg, Florida, 13 January 2006

Every senile house frau and post-war
Pensioner from Piscataway to Yonkers
Retired here June of the same year
Seconds after every alligator swamp
Was back-filled with jetty dredge

Bootleg booze and sunset cruises
Smuggled from Cuba during prohibition
People in shorts dropped from the sky
Like Papa Hemingway's six-toed tomcat
Chucked in the pool from a motel balcony

Marine architects and salvage wreckers
Fishing trophy marlin and schools of skipjack
Fathoms from home-port lagoon cesspools
And predictable stops at Outback Steakhouse
Key West to munch on kookaburra wings

Hemingway Daiquiri

  • Juice of an eighth of a grapefruit and a lime
  • Add a dash of maraschino liqueur
  • Drop in a shot and half of light rum
  • Shake with ice and strain
  • Serve straight up in a cocktail glass