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Compos Mentis

Saint Paul, 29 December 2004
In sub-zero wood-splitting, the sinewy elm detonates
At the eye-hand salvos that disintegrate them
But like the crack of the maul, the mind is a big-hearted tyrant

When in high hat and tails, the ringmaster of logic
Motions for the audience to join him in the ring

When through dry eye sockets, the autocrats of the involuntary
Abandon the wires previously dedicated to now slack-jointed limbs

When in half-witted defiance, the Kaiser of consciousness flees like
An arctic cold-snap whistles the dusty eaves of a detached garage

Yet through the devil-may-care skate over the black ice of senility
Our minds release a slow-drip that colors each vibrating string
Like the northern lights showcasing our favorite constellation