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Saint Paul, 28 May 2018

Record growth with a number two pencil on a door frame
Water roars and breaks around rocks in a box canyon stream
Pause before vistas made famous by paintings from a dream
Picture your life lived in houses that are never the same
Black and white photographs in two and a quarter inch squares
Children swing above shadows of imaginary friends
Meaningful minutiae once delegated to parens
Curate sharp impressions into stereographic pairs
Invisible star remains sucked into a black hole
Horizon-less landscapes collapse to a shoebox diorama
Periphery and purview limited but not lacking in drama
You realize your observations are no less profound
Although limited to eraser shavings atop your desk
Imagination the equalizer has purchase without bound

This is a Petrarchan sonnet (Octave is ABBA, ABBA. Sestet is CDD, ECE)