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Road Food

Saint Paul, 7 July 2006

Fry cooks as near-sighted as a slaughterhouse steer
Vestibule tabloids warn of spoiled meat north of the border
We wait for hungry ruminant animals to amble around races
Watch them double back muzzle to anus to the same point
Walls festooned with antique meat cleavers and carcass hooks
Morbid mothers order ground beef in fractions of pounds

Fathers ferry trays with cartoon-cross sections of limbs
Cherubic girls wipe their mouths with dewclaw-embossed napkins
Short boys with man tits spin ketchup bottles around a lazy-Susan
Genderless urchins color cuts of loin on disposable placemats
Filled up we exit emergency chutes made to simulate sausage casings
Mounted on swinging booms to ooze us back into our idling vehicles