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Secret Life of Shoes

Saint Paul, 1 August 2005

Forty winks before the ides
On the Dia de los Muertos
Sugar candies and breads are
Molded into abandoned huaraches
Supple soles of the departed
Footprints desiccated in a day

When barking dogs go mute
Don't bury me in knockoffs
Of those dainty red pope slippers
Drop kick my sorry ass into
A poorly named suburban ravine
Blanket me in grass-stained sneakers

Gawkers may not cry alligator tears
Our return climb is slippery enough
Behold the ceremonial shoes
A pair of Air Jordans - unboxed
Half full with sweat
Half empty with atmosphere

Days of the Dead is celebrated throughout Mexico on
November 1st and 2nd. People who have died in the past
year are remembered, their pictures placed on family
altars, and food and drink are offered for the souls of
the departed.