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Saint Paul, 13 July 2006

Accept we’ve entered accords without pretext
Where conditions are expendable
Mere agreement is the only preamble

Accept we've imposed absurd rules
If nothing else for the sake of tradition
Like not executing people on the Sabbath

Accept I’m bereft of purpose
That bedrock is an abstraction
Suppositions are singular certainties

Accept I join clubs with no initiations
Where Hello nametags are forbidden
Mere attendance defines membership

Accept I sing in choirs of voiceless song
Where lyrics are for lower forms of life
Sheets of music voluminous in their nothingness

Accept I make small-talk without sentences
Where remarks about the weather are obtrusive
Meaning is derived from the unspoken subtext

Accept I am surrogate to an imposter
A fraudulent failure amongst fakes
Feebly trying to burn a flame retardant flag